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國際品牌指名合作​ ∣ The Partner of Choice for International Brands

TOEFL(托福)及JLPT(日檢)等國際測驗在臺最久的合作夥伴 | The longest partnership in Taiwan for international brands such as TOEFL & JLPT

1966年LTTC接受美國教育服務考試中心(Educational Testing Service, ETS)委託辦理托福(TOEFL),其後陸續接受多所國際機構委託LTTC辦理測驗,包括Prometric測驗機構、英國劍橋大學、日本國際交流基金會、日本台灣交流協會、獨立行政法人日本學生支援機構、日本政府觀光局、韓國國立國際教育院、駐台北韓國代表部及德語能力評鑑中心;累積及堅持逾半世紀的專業施測經驗、品質,LTTC受到國際的肯定與信賴由此可見一斑。未來LTTC仍將秉持一貫謹慎且嚴謹的態度,與國際夥伴們長期合作,精益求精。

In 1966, the LTTC was entrusted by the US Educational Testing Service (ETS) with administration of the TOEFL exam in Taiwan. Soon after, many international test organizations sought the assistance of the LTTC to administer exams, including the Prometric testing institution, the University of Cambridge in the UK, the Japan International Exchange Foundation, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, the Japan Student Services Organization, the Japanese Government Tourism Bureau, the Korean National Institute of International Education, the Korean Representative Office in Taipei, and the German Language Proficiency Assessment Center. These five decades of professional testing experience explain the esteem in which the LTTC is held by international educational institutions. Moving forward, the LTTC will continue to uphold a judicious and rigorous attitude, cooperate long-term with international partners, and continue to strive for excellence.

臺灣外語教育的先驅​ ∣ Pioneer of Foreign Language Education in Taiwan

政府與民間企業外語進修首選 | Top choice for government and private organizations

本中心創立於1951年,成立目的係為美援時期協助政府與產業培訓優質出國受訓人才,也是政府首批國際人才的培育搖籃。 1965年改名為「語言中心」,訓練課程擴大規模為英、日、法、德、西語五語並進,服務對象擴及民營機構與一般社會人士,之後於1979年改名為「語言訓練測驗中心 The Language Training & Testing Center (LTTC) 」。

Founded in 1951, during the US aid period, the center was established to assist the Taiwanese government and local industries in preparing trainees for education overseas. As such, it contributed greatly to Taiwan’s fledgling international presence. In 1965, the institution was renamed “The Language Center,” and the scope of its language program expanded to cover English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. The target audience was also expanded to include both the private sector and the general public. In 1979, the institution was renamed " The Language Training & Testing Center (LTTC)."

In 1965, the institution was renamed"The Language Center".

In 1985, the LTTC relocated into the Language Building of National Taiwan University.

因應社會經濟需求,開發外語課程與教材​ ∣
Development of Language Courses and Teaching Materials in Response to Social and Economic Needs

外語訓練與教材與時俱進、服務各階段學習者 | State-of-the-art training and teaching materials to serve learners of all stages


For the past 70 years, the LTTC has been deeply engaged in language training. The center is an important driving force behind the increase in learning motivation and overall foreign language proficiency in Taiwan. The LTTC tailors its services to Taiwan's societal development, and it pursues both research and teaching while striving to meet the needs of learners. As the training institution of choice for hundreds of organizations, the LTTC is recognized and trusted by the government and private sectors alike. In addition, the center has developed a wealth of highly regarded teaching and learning resources for teachers and learners. Furthermore, it provides a variety of learning channels, including apps, online games, and online courses, in line with current learning trends.

The first trainees utilizing turntables for language learning

Early training materials developed by LTTC

Vintage casette player for listening comprehension practice

Professional recording & photo studio for recording and shooting digital courses and exam questions.

Automated large printing press for printing teaching and testing resources.

Foreign Language Tests Developed & Made in Taiwan

五語並進,為臺灣人量身打造多套且不同學習階段的外語測驗 | Tests for five foreign languages, tailored for Taiwan, developed for different levels

1965年自行研發「外語能力測驗」(Foreign Language Proficiency Test,簡稱FLPT),包含英日法德西五種語言,日後成為國內第一套五語並進的語言能力測試機制。開辦以來因應各界需求,在臺灣產業國際化的時代潮流中擔任要角,如交通部觀光局開辦導遊與領隊外語測驗、中華民國對外貿易發展協會辦理「貿協儲備新進人員甄試外語測驗」及教育部委託LTTC辦理之「留學生日法德西語測驗」、「國小教師英語能力檢核測驗」皆採用FLPT。​自行研發及施測的FLPT及代辦國際測驗的專業與經驗多重養分的滋養下,測驗業務日漸成長茁壯並開枝散葉。其後再為國人量身打造並設計兼顧國際化與在地化的外語測驗,如:「大學校院英語能力測驗」(CSEPT)、「全民英語能力分級檢定測驗」(GEPT)、「小學英檢」(GEPT Kids)以及檢測日法德西語初學者學習成果之測驗「第二外語能力測驗_基礎級」(SFLPT)。​由最初服務每年約1萬人次考生,年度服務考生曾高達70萬人次,國內首屈一指,考生高度信賴。

The Foreign Language Proficiency Test (FLPT) was developed in 1965. Encompassing English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish, the FLPT became the first exam in Taiwan offered in five languages. Since its inception, the FLPT has played an important role in the internationalization of Taiwanese industry. Notable uses include the following: the Tourism Bureau launching a foreign language test for tour guides, the ROC Foreign Trade Development Association conducting a "New Personnel Language Exam,”the French–German–Spanish Test for Studying Abroad, and finally the English Proficiency Test for Elementary School Teachers, entrusted to the FLPT by the Ministry of Education. The success of the FLPT led to the refinement and diversification of the testing services offered by the LTTC. Soon after, tests were developed to take into account both internationalization and localization, such as the College Student English Proficiency Test (CSEPT), the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), GEPT Kids, and the Second Foreign Language Proficiency Test-Basic (SFLPT) to test the learning achievements of beginning learners in Japanese, French, German and Spanish. The growth in test takers from an initial 10,000 individuals to the recent high of 700,000 per year clearly demonstrates that LTTC exams are among the most popular and trusted in Taiwan. 

自辦測驗|Self-developed Tests

代辦測驗|Agents for international tests

由代辦國際測驗到自行研發之MIT測驗: 代辦測驗人數始終維持一定水準,自辦測驗人數則於「全民英檢」(GEPT) 開辦後大幅成長,表現亮眼!

From international tests to self-developed MIT tests: the number of international tests remains steady, while the number of test takers for MIT tests increased significantly after the launch of the GEPT.

最廣為採用的品牌:「全民英檢」(GEPT) |

國人耳熟能詳的「全民英檢」(GEPT) 2000年推出已邁入第三個十年,累積850萬人次報考,相當於每3個臺灣人就有1人報考GEPT;試題本厚度可堆疊成50座台北101大樓。

The GEPT, the most popular foreign language exam in Taiwan, has entered its third decade since launching in 2000. The cumulative total of 8.5 million test takers equates to 1 out of every 3 Taiwanese, while all the past test books stacked one on top of the other would reach a height of 50 Taipei 101 buildings!

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