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Educational Service for the Public

From Society, for Society

The LTTC would like to thank the people of Taiwan for their trust and affirmation, which enable us to grow from a simple English Training Center under the US aid program to today’s nationally recognized, not-for-profit language training and testing organization. As Taiwan strives towards the goal of becoming a bilingual country by 2030, we at the LTTC will continue to play our part in enhancing Taiwan’s competitiveness by sharing our expertise and resources. 

Follow your dreams… The LTTC is with you
all the way

On average, 1,500 low-income test takers receive the full GEPT registration fee waiver each year. The LTTC also assists more than 600 people with disabilities to successfully complete the exam every year.

Fee-waiving for low-income registrants

Applying for special accommodations  for registrants with disabilities​

To provide children in rural districts with access to better English education, the LTTC organizes training events for teachers in these areas at no cost.

Charitable Events

We listen to and understand the needs of our society. Through academic grants, sponsorships, awards and organized events, we provide opportunities for talents to thrive. It is part of our ongoing commitments to language training and to fostering a positive cycle of learning.

Academic sponsorship and rewards

Sponsoring large-scale conferences, both domestic and international. 

Providing a range of prizes to encourage students to strive for excellence.

Rewarding language-related research, offering grants for research projects and dissertations.

Hosting competitions

Encouraging students to achieve a balanced development of language skills through the "English Supermaster“ event in collaboration with Professor Ping-Cheng Yeh and his team.

Improving verbal communication skills of the younger generation at the speech contest co-organized with the Zhao Lilian Cultural and Educational Foundation.

Sponsoring language learning activities on campus

Sponsoring language-related events in schools, encouraging students to actively participate in international exchange events and use the target language in real-life situations.

Since 2016, the LTTC has been the exclusive sponsor of the Taiwanese national team at the International Linguistics Olympiad.

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