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From Traditional to Digital

Digital Transformation has Brought Us Closer

The LTTC provides online group classes as well as individual ones to enhance scheduling and geographic flexbility, enabling learners who cannot come to the center's physical classrooms to also have the opportunities to pursue interactive language courses.

Digital Transformation of Learning and Assessment

In the past, we accepted without question the knowledge that teachers and textbooks gave us, conditioned to be passive knowledge receivers. Thanks to digital technology, we are now free to surf the Internet and find learning platforms and testing tools that suit us, transforming us into independent learners.

The LTTC has independently developed English and Japanese learning apps, which are widely downloaded and used by language learners in Taiwan.

The LTTC partnered with FUNDAY and LiveABC respectively to create easily accessible, cross-platform English learning tools. 

The GEPT has launched an online practice exam service to make online learning easier for test takers.

The LTTC has partnered with PaGamO to develop the “Smart English Competency Alliance (SECA).” SECA educates learners through gaming, helping them develop their English reading competency and learner autonomy.

When the LTTC first launched its computerized test center (CBT) in 1996, there were only 52 test takers. Nowadays, around 7,000 candidates per year choose to take the CBT exam. 

Getting Closer Through Social Media

Social media has allowed the LTTC to post engaging content on all major platforms, effectively narrowing  the distance between itself and the public, and to tailor content for different user groups. In addition to pictures and text, the LTTC also collaborates with influencers to create educational and entertaining videos. These multiple lively, fun modes of communication showcase the different facets of the LTTC . 

On Facebook, the LTTC posts “Learning English with the Editor” (#跟著小編學英語), a series of interesting videos highlighting new vocabulary every week.

On Instagram, current events and popular memes are used to teach English in a relaxed way to catch the eye of the younger generation.

LTTC’s official Facebook Messenger & LINE accounts allow real-time interaction so that people can quickly and conveniently contact the center.

Interesting and engaging videos help learners understand the services of the LTTC.

Challenging the new GEPT item types

Analyzing the new GEPT item types

Perceptions of GEPT test takers

Unboxing Dr. GEPT​

The LTTC publishes a blog providing practical and informational articles to meet the foreign language learning needs of the public.

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